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Encryption using MAXL

Folks, I find encryption fascinating with MAXL and hence this post. Today we will do a real word small example regarding the same.

In the example below we will encrypt a MAXL file, Decrypt it and create a batch for automation.

Step 1) Type essmsh -gk

Generate Public and Private Keys

Public Key for Encryption: 30289,2059835629

Private Key for Decryption: 1898169137,2059835629

Step 2) Select the script you want to execute. In above case, lets take a simple script(encryptit.msh) which logs into the Essbase and Sets the Database note for one of the cube.

In your case username, password, server and Essbase cube names will be different.

login vaneetgupta ‘welcome’ on ‘dce-spapp02’;

Alter database T_FIN_V2.T_FIN_V2 Set Note “Testing Encryption”;


Step 3) In the next step we encrypt the file and the new file encryptit.mshs will be created.

Type essmsh -E encryptit.msh 30289,2059835629

As you can see above the login id and password has changed to keys.

Step 4) Decrypt the file using private key and create a batch as shown below

Step 5) Run the batch and check the Essbase for Database note

So we have seen how we have done the needful without anyone looking at the username password of the person who logs in.

Download the code from: http://www.mediafire.com/?im2dq4u6asi36ss

Password = encryptit



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Gartner 2011 Report

Folks I have been busy with everything but Hyperion for a long time. I was having a feel of OBIEE Apps, Informatica and SQL and was working with real time databases. As it was a learning curve for me in this I was kept busy with that.

Recently saw that Gartner 2011 report is out and to my surprise they haven’t mentioned Hyperion in that. Your comments on this would be most welcome.

You can either go to http://www.gartner.com/technology/media-products/reprints/qliktech/article3/article3.html and read or alternatively

Go to http://www.qlikview.com/us/explore/resources/analyst-reports/gartner-report-magic-quadrant-for-business-intelligence-platforms-2011 and register for the report.

Until next time, Cheers!

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